Monday, 1 February 2010

Animatic Review

I really wasn't sure how the animatic would go down with the lecturers and the rest of the class. its very difficult to see how the film will turn out in the end just from an animatic. I was a loud to not do a standard animatic and do something that would benefit me a lot more because all the animation is straight a head a standard animatic would have been pointless.

When presenting the work i was so nervous like i always am when presenting work as i would rather people just watch it. but i basically explained the concept behind it and the reasons i was doing it and it seemed to go ok.

Leonie who was marking the animatics was full of nice comments about it which is always good. Mainly things about me being very individual and that i should just carry on what im doing and that im "on another planet to everyone else".

with every presentation i do is either hit or miss because of the way i am and how i work. so to hear the comments she said was very relieving.

here is the animatic:

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