Monday, 29 March 2010

Jam Jars. Minimal. Custard. Efterklang


ive been locked away in my room for a few days on various bits and bobs keeping myself busy:

im trying to design some new business cards. i drew some jam jars and thought they would be pretty good but im not sure. il think of something soon.

I also been talking to Sonic Artist and General really nice guy Kassian Sheppard about letting me animate various bit and bobs over his sounds. After working on my final film i have many parts that have long pauses of sound and was something i wanted to explore a lot more. I won't be working on anything to i have completely finished my film 'Custard' so will probably get something done for the end of May or June. Im thinking something with very simple shapes but we will see.

To find out more about Kassian go to his word press at:

We had a Critique for our first cuts of our films the other day. i was very nervous as im never really sure how things will go. there are a few things i need to touch up on. im taking out the phone conversation bit and putting something else in and probably removing any sound with my own voice. but its nearly done now. Here is a still from the film:

I went to Diverse (Independent music shop in cardiff) today and finally got hold of the new Efterklang album. I never mention music on here but Efterklang are probably my favourite band so i feel i need to make an exception for them. Theres more singing in the new album but its absolutely fantastic and has really brightened up my day. The Last Song 'Natural Tune' is particularly nice.

good bye

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