Wednesday, 14 April 2010


hello. this post is mainly for people that have only just starting looking at my blog and haven't seen my animation work before. Im coming to the end of my degree now and putting the finishing touches to my final film 'Custard' before i head off to the Royal College of Art in London for two years this september. ive done various bits and bobs mostly in my second year and here they are:

This is my film "Bluuuuurgh". it was originally a film i did for my soundscape excersise. Its currently touring America as part of the new Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted show and has got screened as part of the show at Comic Con San Diego and got shown in the end of festival party at Flip animation festival in Wolverhampton. I think its natural to look at old work and cringe which i do with this but its a film that i learnt a lot from and got me thinking about the processes about how films are made and the different ways they can be structured.

I see my film "I bought some really nice apples the other day" as my Bluuuurgh part 2. In terms of animation and look its pretty much the same. These were a collection of ideas i originally had for "Bluuuuurgh" but never used and thought that some of them were pretty funny and decided to draw them. I decided to record all the sounds from my mouth which is something i sort of regret but in the end i was experimenting and had nothing else to do in a jobless summer in Malvern.

This is a Tv Ident I did for MTV as part of university. I never sent it to MTV maybe i will one day. but i think i wanted to prove to myself that hand drawn can be just as efficient as doing something on the computer as this took me under 4 days to do.

I called this short "Can i have a egg sandwich, a couple of planes and a glass of orange please". this was an idea i had for "i bought some really nice..............." and decided it would be really funny as a separate short.

Now these are some really old animations i did at the start of second year. they were all part of the character performance excersise and when i look back doing this was some of the most important work ive done. It taught me some huge lessons about timing and started showing hints of more abstract imagery. Its crazy to think how much i feel i have moved on from this when doing my final film but i still remember working in my tiny room in newport surrounded by paper, pencil sharpenings, freezing cold and fellow animator and general super nice guy ben cady blasting out 80's music in the room next to mine also in an animation coma....................good times.

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