Monday, 25 October 2010

custard start of november

Hello. custard is in a couple of things at the start of November.
its in the animation competition at Kinofest in Bucharest.

Its also being played i think on the same day a lot further away from Bucharest at
Flip animation festival in Wolverhampton in the UK shorts section.

An before that on the 4th it is being played in Birmingham as part of Flip at the Animating
the West Midlands screening at Millennium point. Heres the booklet for the festival. It also gets a special mention which is really nice of them on the opening spread.

An it has been screened the last week at a brilliant screening at cafe 1001 on brick lane by the people at short and sweet. so thank you julia and Jordan! and thank you teal for telling me about it.


  1. Where are the bloody hyperlinks Millard, Didn't you learn anything a Worcester tech!