Sunday, 13 November 2011

good bye everybody, ive got to go.


as you can probably tell i haven't really been doing much in terms of 'updating my blog', its currently on hiatus as it looks horrible. i might shut it down soon to force myself to get someone to make a nice website for me when i have a bit more money (if i have a bit more money at any point in my life). but most of my animation work is on my vimeo account apart from my latest short film 'Hogan' which is being screened in several places around the world (some i cant announce yet) so if your going to any film/animation festivals look out for it.

my vimeo is:

im also on twitter where i dont say much but if your ever interested in where Hogan is being screened or anything like that. my twitter is @peter_millard!/peter_millard

im also in the process of making a flickr or something in that effect where i can put all of my life drawing work. so look out for that also.

im still studying at the R.C.A where im planning to make two more films,
im currently in the middle of production of a new short film which i wont say much a bout except its been really fun making it so far, and excited about both the films i plan to make, which by the end will probably turn me into a unsociable hermit. I will then leave earth and live the rest of my life on the moon.

good bye.

Hogan 2011 Dir: Peter Millard Copyright R.C.A

Monday, 5 September 2011

Hogan at Bristol Encounters

For all my friends and people interested in my work that are based in Bristol 'Hogan' will be part of Bristol Encounters in competition for the Grand Prix award. The full list of screenings will be on the encounters website at the start of October so will update people when that happens. Will be great to see some old faces and hopefully some new ones as i think il definitely be coming to the festival as i enjoyed it a lot when i came two years ago. so yes very happy about this as two of my previous films over the years have failed to get in.

Heres the website is your curious about the festival.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hogan's first screenings

Hogan is confirmed for its two first screenings the first one being near where i grew it in Birmingham as part of Arts Fest, in Sam Groves Kino 10 screening in the Crescent Theatre on the 10th September. The screening starts at 3.50pm. a big thank you to Sam as he also screened Custard as part of Flatpack festival earlier in the year.

The second being in Canada as part of Giraf 7 animation festival in Calgary. Il put up details of the screening times an what not when i know as the festival isn't till November.

more details about the festival here

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Custard making Italian Debut

just a quick post Custard has been selected at Lago Film festival in Revine Lago in Italy as part of the international competition, which runs from the 22nd to the 30th. So if anyone i know is around there because i know a few people are traveling around (very unlikely your near the festival or even in Italy) and you fancy watching some films you should go along.

more info here:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hogan was shown on a tv channel set up by some of the communications students from my college a few weeks ago whilst the RCA Show was going on called 'If not now'. im not sure if anyone caught it, i didn't even know about it but i guess that was its first 'public appearance'. Ive had a few e.mails regarding the film and i dont think i will be putting it online for a while even in private view (i might change my mind). Ive entered it into a handful of festivals but not many and i have no idea how it will be received but hopefully some festivals will enjoy it and screen it.

Im currently planning an installation piece that i would like to do. im not going to say too much about it but it does involve this man.

and the tender pixel dvd Launch is next week on Saturday which my film Custard is apart of. So would be really good to see some
familiar faces down there.

and finally after all ive said to my friends of how pointless and rubbish twitter is i have a twitter account. @peter_millard

Friday, 24 June 2011

Custard with Tenderpixel Gallery

Custard has been selected by the people at Tenderpixel Gallery to be included as part of Tenderflix 2011 where it will be screened as part of a experimental film screening at Rushes Soho Shorts festival. Its also going to be part of the Tenderflix Gallery experimental film DVD and will be screened in house via gallery screenings over the year.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Short 'Hogan' wins the Daler Rowney drawing prize

I entered my latest short 'Hogan' for the drawing prizes at my college (Royal College of Art) where it was awarded the Daler Rowney Drawing Prize!

an my good friend and class mate Eamonn O'neil won the Tom Bendhem drawing prize! so a massive congratulations to him.

Il be entering the film into some more competitions/festivals/screenings over the next few months an hopefully it will be accepted into some, so people will be able to watch it.

Custard screenings in Canada and Cheltenham

My graduation film from Newport 'Custard' has three screenings in Canada!

It will be screened in competition at the Just for laughs Film Festival as part of the Just for laughs film competition. The festival is between the 24th and 30th of July.

It will also be screened as part of Gimli Film Festival in Gimli Manitoba in Canada. Im not sure what screening it will be part of but the festival runs from the 20th to the 24th of July. It looks really nice.

and was screened as part of Short and Sweet on the 6th just gone in Toronto at 'No One Writes to the Colonel' which was super nice of them after they screened my film at Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane back in October. Heres the website if you are curious of what other screenings they have on.

It was also screened as part of the Whirlygig cinema screening at the Wychwood Festival on the Cheltenham Racecourse on the 1st of June. A big thank you to Kate Steed for organizing and screening my film again after they screened my film at the East end Film Festival a few weeks ago.

Custard is on my vimeo if you ever want to watch it.

Gorilla film Review of Custard and Ident

My film 'Custard' got its first review from the people at Gorilla Film Magazine. "Custard is semantics for the deranged, a blur of strange images and misplaced sounds that form a narrative of nonsense." The whole review can be read on there website here:

They screened my film as part of there film screening at 'Look mum no hands' on old street around easter time and asked if they would like some sort of ident. they said ok. so i made this:

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

East end film festival. Custard online. Hogan


There is a really good east end film festival may day happening on monday May 2nd where over several venues across the east end (bricklane, spitalfields and redchurch street) there are free screenings for short films. Custard is being screened as part of the Whirlygiggles screening at 4.00pm at Verge Bar just at the top of Brick Lane so if anyone that knows me and is thinking of coming along look out for me as il be there (probably being a massive loner). i have had a hair cut so wont be as noticeable as before.

theres more information here about the various screenings that are going on through out the day:

ive put Custard on vimeo now not password protected so anyone can watch it. thank you to the people that have been sharing it and sent me e.mails its really nice of you.

the link is here:

Custard from peter millard on Vimeo.

whilst people have been enjoying the sun ive been mostly glued to my lightbox drawing a new film called 'Hogan'. its a short 3 part film and currently busy colouring it in now and hopefully be able to shoot it on the 16mm camera at the R.C.A very soon.

i also watched the mcdonalds, coca cola and skittles endorsed film 'Mac and Me' from 1988 last night. brilliant.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gorilla film magazine Custard review and screening

Custard will be screened along with a few other short films run by the super guys behind the Gorilla film magazine on the 13th of April at 'look mum no hands cafe' on old street. so if your around that area next wednesday and fancy watching some films you should come a long as its free.

the screening is in support of there 2nd issue which has a review of Custard.
here is a tiny snippet:

"Custard is semantics for the deranged, a blur of strange images and misplaced sounds that form a narrative of nonsense."

the magazine is filled with lots of other bits and bobs including an interview with Richard Ayoade and is free. the link below is all the different places it was for the first issue so im guessing they will be the same. so basically if you go anywhere in the east you should come a across a copy.

an hopefully see as many people as possible on the 13th.

p.s. heres a link to the magazines website.

Monday, 28 March 2011

march/april screenings and other things.

Hello. Just a few things happening at the moment. Custard will be making its North American premiere in a couple of weeks in competition at the Citrus Cel animation festival in Jacksonville which goes on from the 8th to the 10th of April.

where also in the same weekend will be screened in Corfu as part of Be There Festival also in competition.

It was also screened a few weeks ago as part of Underground cinema in the Brain wash screening at Debut next to London bridge which was brilliant. Such a great selection of films and felt very privileged to be amongst them.

An also was screened as part of Flatpack festival in Birmingham last friday evening as part of the KINO funny for nothing screening.

in other news i have been hiding away in various different dark rooms doing my latest film which is practically finished now. just need to do a final sound check and a few tweaks. its been really fun to make but have felt a lot like a social outcast so i look forward to actually talking to people not half asleep or dazed for a while until i start work again on something else. Im not sure when i will put the film online but i will be putting Custard up online for everyone to see very soon. it is online at the moment but still private view with the password being: muffins

in other news: Costner

Sunday, 6 February 2011

january/february news screenings and festivals


I had a screening for my film Custard on the 19th January as part of the shorts screening called Roto reliefs which happens every month at the Roxy bar in Borough in London where my film was shown along with several live action short films and had to do a Q and A straight after mine was shown.

Just a big thank you to Sheila and everyone else involved as its a great to have people promoting short films and thank you to everyone who were really nice to me and asked for it to be screened twice (probably the biggest compliment ive ever had about my work so thank you very much) at the screening and to the people that have e.mailed me since. it made me really chuffed that so many people seemed to enjoy it. so if you find yourself bored on an evening when its on and want to see some films go along as they are super nice people.

After an out of the blue phone call on a friday night from my friend Luiz Lafayette Stockler i found out that i had got into animated Exeter along with him and another newport graduate and flat mate ben cady. I will be going a long with them both so im sure it will be a really fun weekend. Also the R.C.A where im currently doing my MA is having a screening there which will be showing all there best films from the past 25 years.

My film Custard and Luiz (Vovo) and Ben (The goat and the well) will all be screened on the Friday the 18th of February as part of the best of the west screening.

An also all three of us have also been selected for BE THERE! festival in Corfu as part of the graduate film competition.

It will also be part of Underground Cinema on the 27th February at Debut Club in London as part of the Brainwash screening along with Luiz's film 'Vovo'curated by Film 4's Preethi Mavahalli.

and finally will be screened at Film Fest in Dresden along with Luke Doyles 'Walk in the park' and again Bens film as part of the the British programme called 'Birds, Bees and Bugs'.

Im currently making a new short film as part of my first year at the R.C.A called '12th November 1992'. More about that some other time.

An my film Custard is online with this link. the password is: muffins

and if anyone wants to contact me about anything my email is still

good bye.