Sunday, 6 February 2011

january/february news screenings and festivals


I had a screening for my film Custard on the 19th January as part of the shorts screening called Roto reliefs which happens every month at the Roxy bar in Borough in London where my film was shown along with several live action short films and had to do a Q and A straight after mine was shown.

Just a big thank you to Sheila and everyone else involved as its a great to have people promoting short films and thank you to everyone who were really nice to me and asked for it to be screened twice (probably the biggest compliment ive ever had about my work so thank you very much) at the screening and to the people that have e.mailed me since. it made me really chuffed that so many people seemed to enjoy it. so if you find yourself bored on an evening when its on and want to see some films go along as they are super nice people.

After an out of the blue phone call on a friday night from my friend Luiz Lafayette Stockler i found out that i had got into animated Exeter along with him and another newport graduate and flat mate ben cady. I will be going a long with them both so im sure it will be a really fun weekend. Also the R.C.A where im currently doing my MA is having a screening there which will be showing all there best films from the past 25 years.

My film Custard and Luiz (Vovo) and Ben (The goat and the well) will all be screened on the Friday the 18th of February as part of the best of the west screening.

An also all three of us have also been selected for BE THERE! festival in Corfu as part of the graduate film competition.

It will also be part of Underground Cinema on the 27th February at Debut Club in London as part of the Brainwash screening along with Luiz's film 'Vovo'curated by Film 4's Preethi Mavahalli.

and finally will be screened at Film Fest in Dresden along with Luke Doyles 'Walk in the park' and again Bens film as part of the the British programme called 'Birds, Bees and Bugs'.

Im currently making a new short film as part of my first year at the R.C.A called '12th November 1992'. More about that some other time.

An my film Custard is online with this link. the password is: muffins

and if anyone wants to contact me about anything my email is still

good bye.