Monday, 28 March 2011

march/april screenings and other things.

Hello. Just a few things happening at the moment. Custard will be making its North American premiere in a couple of weeks in competition at the Citrus Cel animation festival in Jacksonville which goes on from the 8th to the 10th of April.

where also in the same weekend will be screened in Corfu as part of Be There Festival also in competition.

It was also screened a few weeks ago as part of Underground cinema in the Brain wash screening at Debut next to London bridge which was brilliant. Such a great selection of films and felt very privileged to be amongst them.

An also was screened as part of Flatpack festival in Birmingham last friday evening as part of the KINO funny for nothing screening.

in other news i have been hiding away in various different dark rooms doing my latest film which is practically finished now. just need to do a final sound check and a few tweaks. its been really fun to make but have felt a lot like a social outcast so i look forward to actually talking to people not half asleep or dazed for a while until i start work again on something else. Im not sure when i will put the film online but i will be putting Custard up online for everyone to see very soon. it is online at the moment but still private view with the password being: muffins

in other news: Costner

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