Wednesday, 27 April 2011

East end film festival. Custard online. Hogan


There is a really good east end film festival may day happening on monday May 2nd where over several venues across the east end (bricklane, spitalfields and redchurch street) there are free screenings for short films. Custard is being screened as part of the Whirlygiggles screening at 4.00pm at Verge Bar just at the top of Brick Lane so if anyone that knows me and is thinking of coming along look out for me as il be there (probably being a massive loner). i have had a hair cut so wont be as noticeable as before.

theres more information here about the various screenings that are going on through out the day:

ive put Custard on vimeo now not password protected so anyone can watch it. thank you to the people that have been sharing it and sent me e.mails its really nice of you.

the link is here:

Custard from peter millard on Vimeo.

whilst people have been enjoying the sun ive been mostly glued to my lightbox drawing a new film called 'Hogan'. its a short 3 part film and currently busy colouring it in now and hopefully be able to shoot it on the 16mm camera at the R.C.A very soon.

i also watched the mcdonalds, coca cola and skittles endorsed film 'Mac and Me' from 1988 last night. brilliant.

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