Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gorilla film magazine Custard review and screening

Custard will be screened along with a few other short films run by the super guys behind the Gorilla film magazine on the 13th of April at 'look mum no hands cafe' on old street. so if your around that area next wednesday and fancy watching some films you should come a long as its free.

the screening is in support of there 2nd issue which has a review of Custard.
here is a tiny snippet:

"Custard is semantics for the deranged, a blur of strange images and misplaced sounds that form a narrative of nonsense."

the magazine is filled with lots of other bits and bobs including an interview with Richard Ayoade and is free. the link below is all the different places it was for the first issue so im guessing they will be the same. so basically if you go anywhere in the east you should come a across a copy.


an hopefully see as many people as possible on the 13th.

p.s. heres a link to the magazines website.


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