Monday, 5 September 2011

Hogan at Bristol Encounters

For all my friends and people interested in my work that are based in Bristol 'Hogan' will be part of Bristol Encounters in competition for the Grand Prix award. The full list of screenings will be on the encounters website at the start of October so will update people when that happens. Will be great to see some old faces and hopefully some new ones as i think il definitely be coming to the festival as i enjoyed it a lot when i came two years ago. so yes very happy about this as two of my previous films over the years have failed to get in.

Heres the website is your curious about the festival.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hogan's first screenings

Hogan is confirmed for its two first screenings the first one being near where i grew it in Birmingham as part of Arts Fest, in Sam Groves Kino 10 screening in the Crescent Theatre on the 10th September. The screening starts at 3.50pm. a big thank you to Sam as he also screened Custard as part of Flatpack festival earlier in the year.

The second being in Canada as part of Giraf 7 animation festival in Calgary. Il put up details of the screening times an what not when i know as the festival isn't till November.

more details about the festival here