Sunday, 13 November 2011

good bye everybody, ive got to go.


as you can probably tell i haven't really been doing much in terms of 'updating my blog', its currently on hiatus as it looks horrible. i might shut it down soon to force myself to get someone to make a nice website for me when i have a bit more money (if i have a bit more money at any point in my life). but most of my animation work is on my vimeo account apart from my latest short film 'Hogan' which is being screened in several places around the world (some i cant announce yet) so if your going to any film/animation festivals look out for it.

my vimeo is:

im also on twitter where i dont say much but if your ever interested in where Hogan is being screened or anything like that. my twitter is @peter_millard!/peter_millard

im also in the process of making a flickr or something in that effect where i can put all of my life drawing work. so look out for that also.

im still studying at the R.C.A where im planning to make two more films,
im currently in the middle of production of a new short film which i wont say much a bout except its been really fun making it so far, and excited about both the films i plan to make, which by the end will probably turn me into a unsociable hermit. I will then leave earth and live the rest of my life on the moon.

good bye.

Hogan 2011 Dir: Peter Millard Copyright R.C.A