Monday, 25 November 2013

Sommets du cinéma d’animation

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened twice as part of the Sommets du cinéma d’animation in the Student Competition happening in Montreal and Quebec in Canada between the 21st and the 1st.

Heres a trailer for the festival by Nicolas Menard:

Les Sommets du Cinéma d'Animation — Bande Annonce (2013) from Nicolas Ménard on Vimeo.

Animated Dreams

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened this week (29th November) as part of Animated Dreams in Tallin Estonia in the Night Programme:  Oh Horror Screening.

Heres a trailer for the festival by Robert Loebel:

Animated Dreams 15 from robert loebel on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Klik Animation Film Festival

On Thursday 14th November (at the EYE 4) and 16th November Saturday (at the Torenzaal) Boogodobiegodongo will be screened in Animation Student Shorts 2 as part of Klik animation film festival in Amsterdam.

Bradford Animation Film Festival

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened this Friday as part of the Flatpack: Uncapturable Ideas program curated by Sam Groves, happening at the Bradford Animation Film Festival which is held in the National Media Museum.

Porto and London Underground Film Festival

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened this Sunday 17th November as part of the Porto and London Underground Film Festival at the Horse Hospital next to Russell Square in London.

OOF Collective: Thanks Giving Dinner Screening

Boogodobiegodongo was screened as part of a Thanks Giving Dinner Screening organised by the OOF collective on the 9th November at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia.

Sweaty Eyeballs Festival

Boogodobiegodongo was screened on the 1st November at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore as part of the Sweaty Eyeballs film festival.  

There was also a write up of the festival featuring a interview with the festival organiser Phil Davies in the Baltimore local paper where he talks about Boogodobiegodongo:

Thursday, 26 September 2013

WNDX Festival of Moving Image

Boogodobiegodongo is being screened on the 29th September as part of the Open Call 4:  Metaphysical Karaoke screening.  It happens at 13.00 at the Cinematheque on Arthur Street.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Boogodobiegodongo was in two screenings (Shorts Competition 3) at the Ottawa Animation Festival which I attended which happend between the 18th - 22 of September.  I was also involved in a Q and A session which the other filmmakers that attended the festival from Competition 3.    I had a great time and hopefully will be back again.

Encounters Short Film Festival

Boogodobiegodongo was screened at Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol.  It was screened in ANI 4:  The Weird and Wonderful screening that happened on Thursday 19th September at the Arnolfini.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Late Night Work Club and friends LA screening

Boogodobiegodongo was screened at the LA premiere of the Late Night Work Clubs screening of there latest films (and friends) on August 29th.

Thank You to Jake for screening the film and well done to everyone associated with the films.

You can watch them all online:

Late Night Work Club presents GHOST STORIES from Late Night Work Club on Vimeo.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fresh Film Fest

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened this week at Fresh Film Fest happening in Prague as part of the theatre optique screenings.

Firstly on the 30th August at 19.00 at Cinema 35 and secondly on the 1st September at the Světozor - Small Hall at 15.00.

Autoptic Festival

Boogodobiegodongo was screened on the 17th August as part of the Autoptic festival of Independent comics, posters, music and art that happened in Minneapolis.  This was part of the Eyework's festival screening that was taking place at the Open Eye theatre at 7pm.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Boogodobiegodongo Special Mentions

Boogodobiegodongo has recieved two special mentions, the first being at Animafest in Cyprus:
Special Mention by Tamas Patrovits goes to Boogodobiegodongo by Peter Millard because it was the craziest and at the same time the loveliest the most lights one and yet the most spirited animation piece that I have seen in a long time.

 The second being at Lago Film Fest in Italy:

Thank you to both festivals for firstly screening my film, and thank you for the special mentions.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I will be in Japan for the next two weeks 22nd July - 5th August being part of a couple of screenings/lectures/workshops and events.

First in Yamaguchi all of my films are part of the midnight metamorphis evening happening at the YCAM centre as part of there 10th anniversary in Studio C that starts at 23.55! on the 27th July (Saturday evening).  This is an event that ive been involved in several times before organised by Nobuaki Doi from CALF studios.

I will then be moving onto Tokyo where il be doing two lectures of my work and work that i like at the Tokyo Zokei University on the 30th July. 
And also on the same day a masterclass at the ImageForum in Shibuya Tokyo.

and the on 4th August I will be doing another masterclass and workshop at Theater Imageforum cinematheque in Tokyo.

Saturday Strip: Comic Day MCA

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened as part of the comic day happening at the Chicago Contemporary Arts Museum on the 27th July (Saturday) in the Eyeworks Experimental animation screening starting at 10am to 1.30pm in the Edlis Neeson Theater.

Toronto Animation Arts Festival

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival on July 27th (Saturday) at the TIFF cinema 2 at 7.15pm as part of the Short 4-Hilariously Strange and Incredibly Dark screening.

Animafest Cyprus

Boogodobiegodongo was screened at Animafest which was happening in Cyprus between the 18th and 21 July.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Rooftop Films New York: Unexplored America

Hogan will be screened on the 29th June as part of the Rooftop films New York summer series  of screenings as part of the Unexplored America Screening.  it opens at 8.00 with a live band.

Fest Anča

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened at Fest Anča happening in Zilina Slovakia in the Anča wonderland screening happening on the 28th in the open air cinema at 9pm. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Melbourne International Animation Festival

Left Nude and Boogodobiegodongo are being screened as part of MIAF happening in Melbourne Australia between 20 - 30th June.  Left Nude being on the 22nd as part of the Abstract Animation screening and Boogodobiegodongo on the 25th and 29th as part of International Program 3.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Camberwell Arts Festival Pub Crawl

Boogodobiegodongo is being screened tonight 21st June, at the Stormbird in Camberwell at 9.30.  Along with this screening theres a exhitibition happening at the Tiger and a performance by Sophie Taylor at the Hermits Cave.  All kicks off at the Tiger at 8pm. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

New York Rooftop Films

Boogodobiegodongo is being screened at the Rooftop films summer series that happens in New York as part of a Absurd Animation screening.  The event starts at 20.00 with live music and then the films start at 21.00 on top of the New Design College in Lower east side. 

Pictoplasma Madrid

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened in Madrid as part of the Pictoplasma exhibition happening at La Casa Encendida.  The screenings are Saturday (15th June) and Sunday (16th) in the Audiovisual room.

More info about the event here:

CAKE Alternative Comics Expo

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened in Chicago tomorrow 15th June as part of CAKE which includes talks by Chris Ware and Kim Deitch.  The screening im part of is organised by the people behind the Eyeworks Experimental Animation Festival called Eye works:  Parallel Lines and will be at 3.00 in the Center on Halsted. 

 More Info here:

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week-end WTF !? : WHAT THE F...ILM ?

Boogodobiegodongo will be part of two screenings in Lille France organised by the people at Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles called "Week-end WTF !? : WHAT THE F...ILM ?".

They will be happening at L'hybride in Lille on the 6th (Thursday) at 20:30 and 8th June (Saturday) at 20:30.


Internationales FilmFest Emden

Boogodobiegodongo will be part of a special London screening at Film Fest Emden happening this week in Germany.  The screening times are on the 8th June (Saturday) 16.30 at the Klub zum guten Endzweck and on the 9th June (Sunday) 19:45 at the VHS Forum.

"After last year‘s successful premier, we will once again present a „London Short Film Special“ at this year‘s Filmfest Emden-Norderney. Thanks to our growing partnership with the London Short Film Festival - and its head, Philip Ilson, in particular - we are happy that several short-films will have their German premiere at our festival. Join us for a „very British“ afternoon with Earl Grey Tea, Scones, Clotted Cream, Strawberry Jam and of course - some brand-new British short-films!"


Mo and Friese Kinder Kurz Film Festival Hamburg

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened twice this week as part of the Mo and Friese Kinder Kurz Film Festival as part of the Kurz film Festival Hamburg in Germany.

One being on the 6th June (Thursday) at 10:00 at the Donnerstag and another on the 7th June (Friday) at 16:00 at the Freitag.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Northwest Animation Festival

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened this weekend 17th - 19th May as apart of the Northwest Animation Festival happening in Portland Oregon.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Australian International Film Festival

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened at 6.00pm in Wagga Wagga Austrailia at the Forum 6 Cinema on the Sunday 12th May as part of the Australian International film Festival in the International Programme.

Also Left Nude will be screening on the same day and place at 7.30pm in the Animation Xcess screening.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vox Populi Exhibition

There's going to be an exhibition running of some of my work at the Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia.  The work will be on all through May from the 3rd to the 26th.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

EMAF 2013

Boogodobiegodongo will be in the European Media Arts Festival happening in Osnabrueck over the 24th to the 28th April.  Its in a screening called 'You Talking to Me' happening at 17.00 Thursday at the Zimmertheater and 15.00 at the Lagerhalle.

I will be attending the festival till Sunday afternoon so if anyones going il see you there!

Parallel Lines: Comics and Animation

Boogodobiegodongo was part of a screening titled Parallel Lines: Comics and Animation organised by the people behind the Eyeworks experimental animation film festival.  It was part of a animation conference happening at the Dartmouth College in Hanover U.S.A on the 20th April.

Image: Kevin Eskew, Dumb Day, 2012

Inconnu festival

Boogodobiegodongo was part of the Inconnu festival that happened in Paris on the 14th to the 17th a the Mac Mahon Cinema.

FilmFest Dresden

Boodobobiegodongo was screened last night at the Thalia at Filmfest Dresden, but if your at the festival theres another chance to see it at the same place on Saturday night at 10:30 in the panarama screening 1.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


On Thursday 11th April Boogodobiegodongo will be screened at the Babylon in Berlin as part of Pictoplasma in a shorts section called Psychedelic midnight mix.  After the screening there will also  be a Q and A which il be apart of and will be in attendance for the rest of the festival.

It will also be screened on the Friday.

More information about the screenings below

Citrus Cel Animation Festival

On Thursday April 4th two of my films Hogan and Boogodobiegodongo were screened at the Citrus Cel animation film festival in Jacksonville at the Florida theatre as part of the Apples to oranges screening that took place.

Flatpack film festival screening and Workshop

On Friday 29th March myself and fellow animator Ben Cady did a number of animation workshops at Flatpack film festival in Birmingham.  A big thank you to Sam Groves for asking us to do it as the results were great. 

Also in the Evening Boogodobiegodongo was screened in the evening at The Electric Cinema as part of the Natural Habitats screening.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Boogodobiegodongo will be screened this week 3 times in Utrech on the 22nd Friday, 23rd Saturday and 24th Sunday of March as part of the Holland Animation Film Festival.  If you want more information on the screenings all the details are here:

and more info on the festival can be found here:

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sofia International Film Festival: British shorts weird and wonderful

Hogan will be screened as part of a special screening called British Shorts weird and wonderful organised by the British Film Council at Sofia International Film Festival in Bulgaria on the 15th March (Friday) at the Goethe Institute at 18.30.


Boogodobiegodongo was screened in a Future Talent screening at the Animac Festival in Lleida (Spain) on Thursday the 28th February in the La Llotja.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bloody Hero International film Festival

Boogodobiegodongo will be screened as part of the Bloody Hero international Film Festival happening in Phoenix Arizona at the Phoenix center for Arts.  I'm not sure what day or time but some time between Friday the 8th to the 10th February.

D'Angers European Film Festival

Boogodobiegodongo was screened at the D'Angers European film festival as part of a screening for children on the 26th January.

Friday, 25 January 2013

LOCO presents Artists in Comedy, in association with LUX

This Sunday, 27th January Boogodobiegodongo will be screened alongside some other films as part of the Loco Film Festival held at the BFI.  The screening will be happening in the Blue room at the BFI at 14.00 with a Q and A followed after it.  The tickets are £5 and can bought from this link:   

"Many of the world’s most exciting and challenging moving image artists use comedy in their work. This unique look at humour in art film combines screenings, discussions and a chance to meet some of London’s brightest young artists."